We Tied the Knot!

August 6, 2019

Guess what guys! I am married now! Holy cow, it still feels so weird when I say that I am Mary Peterson. Hawaii was absolutely amazing. I never pictured that I would one day be getting married somewhere so beautiful and to the most handsome guy ever.

We were so nervous before heading to Hawaii, because the weather forecast was saying for weeks that there was supposed to be a hurricane passing by and showers ON our wedding day. Out of all days, our wedding day was supposed to be the worst day for weather. We agreed that no matter what though, we’d be getting married on Kekaha Beach, rain or shine!

It was finally our wedding day, and the weather was beautiful. It was in the high 80’s, so it was perfect for a beach wedding. We decided to tie the knot at 1:00 in the afternoon. That morning, I started getting ready for the big moment, and JB wouldn’t see me again until I was walking down that beach. My step-mom curled my hair and pinned it half up with flowers. It turned out so beautiful! As it was getting closer to go-time, I was getting so excited and nervous, and trying to hold back tears of joy. My mom came into the room where I was getting ready and told me that JB was ready for me, and it was time to walk to the beach. At this point, I was so ready to marry my best friend, and I was like “Yes!! Let’s do this!” My bridesmaids,maid-of-honor (which was my mom), and I walked down to the beach across from the beach house we were staying at. I could see JB facing the ocean, and my heart was racing faster than ever before. There were so many emotions going through me at this moment, and it took everything I had to not start crying. I made it to the beach aisle, and JB then turned around. You know how people say that during a wedding, they always look at the grooms face to see his emotion and to see how he really feels? Well, the moment he saw me, you could see all of the love and excitement in his eyes as he started crying happy tears. At that moment I just lost it and started crying with him. I was about to marry the love of my life, and that was the moment where it just hit me. He looked more handsome than ever. I walked down the aisle to the instrumental of “A thousand years”, and my dad and step-dad walked me down, holding my son and niece. We wrote our own vows, and they were absolutely beautiful. Our wedding was the 6th of August, which was also the anniversary of JB’s father’s passing, so after we said “I do”, we spread his ashes on the beach. It was such a special moment! Then before ending the ceremony, my brother sang “Beautiful in white”, and it was amazing. I couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful day.

12 thoughts on “We Tied the Knot!”

  1. Omg! Stop it right now! I’m so happy for you and I wish you two the best! We lived on Hawaii for a couple of years and it was so beautiful. Wishing you two the most happiest years to come.


  2. I loved everything about this! Your mom being your maid of honor(my mom was at my wedding too), to getting married in Hawaii and spreading your husbands fathers ashes on the beach. Everything was so beautiful and I am so glad the weather was perfect. I wish you guys a lifetime of love and happiness.


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