My favorite baby boy clothing pieces

This first outfit is probably my favorite one-piece that Bradley has. I can’t tell you how many people comment on this when he wears it. We found this on for $12.99 and it is a prime item, so it ships within 2 days.

Kohl’s has tons of affordable cute one-pieces for babies! We found this one at Kohl’s for less than $10. Unfortunately, they no longer sell this particular one, but they sell a similar one for $8.99.

How cute is this one piece?? You can find this one on for $14.99.

I always avoided shopping at Old Navy for baby clothes because I thought that they would be spendy. I was surprised when I went in, that they actually have very affordable styles for babies!! This Hawaiian shirt is on sale for $8.50 and available in all sizes up to 24 months still!! This is a must have.

These jogger pants are so adorable, and I love that the bottom is cuffed because whether your baby is shorter or tall, they will stay up. Kohl’s carries these in the green color and tan color, and they are on sale right now for $16.

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